About Moonsomnia

Moonsomnia is the womb of the word-babies cultivated, nurtured and brought into the world by me. These are the personal accounts of life, love and everything in between, I also like to try things first so you don’t have to!

I am a 30 something year old mum of two with a penchant for the dark, the macabre, the furry and the weird. I am an odd ball and I carry the torch with honour.

My obvious interests include makeup, beauty, skincare, tattoos, tattoo history and expression, piercings and body modification, wicca, paganism and spirituality. When I’m not blogging about my personal experiences, I spend my spare time in the company of intellectually challenging individuals, always ready to pounce on the next word baby idea. I am a people watcher, a humanist, an enigma and most importantly a human being.

Prior to Moonsomnia, I ran a successful personal blog which I chose to close down. I believe that in life, change is inevitable and it was time to close the book on the writings of my youth to make way for the writings of the here and now.

Outside of the writing & blogging world, I have accumulated over 15 years experience in the travel industry as a corporate travel consultant. I have various pieces of paper that qualifies me to do that job however over here on Moonsomnia, the only qualification that counts is my degree in life.

Writing is my passion.

Opinions are my strong suit.


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