Spiritual Dreadlocks (Jaṭā)

Many cultures believe that the head is the release point for all energies and so, with my dreadlocks protecting me, the energy can be kept safe within me.

I have had every hairstyle of every hair colour at every age throughout my life, I have also been fortunate in that all of these different hairstyles have suited me along the way (or so I have been told). The spiritual progression of things led me down a path of loc enlightenment which saw me finally getting dreadlocks, a crown I have lusted after for an age. In January of this year, I began my #dreadtribe journey and I could not be happier with the outcome – both aesthetically and spiritually.

For over a year, I spent hours looking online at pictures of beautifully locked hair. From colourful, synthetic, cyber goth locs to naturally matted strands of hair on all ethnicities by way of various methods that I could find images for on the interwebz. In my quest to become a dreaded Goddess myself, I did a lot of research on the origins of matted strands of hair (later popularly renamed as dreadlocks by the Rastafari people) and the place of this particular ‘hairstyle’ in cultural and spiritual history. I have been quite conscious of the cultural appropriation ties to caucasian people who chose to dread their hair and can confidently say that this was one of the reasons that I waited so long to dreadlock my own hair but after much research and spiritual soul searching, I knew that it was time to finally coronate myself with the natural crown of the spirit realm.

The convoluted origins of dreadlocks.

The Samhitas or ancient vedic scriptures of the Hindu people in India (1700-1100 BC) depicted exclusively holy people adorning themselves with roped and sculpted locs as part of their religious practice, the God Shiva himself included. Later, the Minoan civilisation settled in Crete in the Bronze Age Europe left evidence of their locs on frescoes scattered around modern day Santorini (then Thera); the first true evidence of dreadlocks originated in Egypt where mummies were discovered with dreadlocks still in tact. Celts, Vikings and even Samson (the bible) were said to have worn the style and I think it is truly safe to say that by the year 2018, almost all cultures have in some way worm matted and twisted strands of hair that we now know as dreadlocks.

Dreadlock decisions.

I think for me, my dreadlocks are a representation of who I am on the inside worn on the outside. When I finally stopped fighting the urge to wear my matted crown, I realised that like anything, someone will have a problem with it. The only person that I needed to make happy was me and I knew that having my hair dreaded would do that for me… those who have dreadlocks will know that there is a certain spiritual awakening that happens and things just start falling into place – this is not a coincidence! Many cultures believe that the head is the release point for all energies and so, with my dreadlocks protecting me, the energy can be kept safe within me. On my journey to be who I truly am, inside and out, dreadlocks were a natural and much needed progression for me.

Dreadlocking days…

Once the money had finally been saved and all of my health woes of 2017 finally overcome, I began to look for someone who I thought would be the perfect fit for me and my dread journey. I was actually rather disappointed to find very few people who worked on caucasian hair near me and even fewer who dealt in dreadlock extensions (an essential as I was impatient and wanted long, beautiful locs before my hair was anywhere near long enough). Finally, I found my dreadlock saviour and all around amazing person down at Brighton Dreadlocks named Emily who guided me through the initial cost, processes and finally, installed my almost full head of dreadlocks as well as human hair extensions.

My trip down to Brighton (Hove) lasted over two days where on day 1, Emily locked my own hair and day 2 joined the dreadlock extensions using the crochet hook method. Initially, my hair was stiff and ‘new-looking’ but with time and in the almost 5 months I have had them, they have softened and matured beautifully and I could not be happier!

Dreadlock maintenance and misconceptions.


I thought it imperative to let you know that right off the bat as there is a common misconception that dreadlocks are dirty, matted, lice-ridden and unwashed. Sure, maybe some people do live up to that awful generalisation but for the most part and based on my own experiences and the awesome dreaded people I know, this is wholly untrue. My own routine is a hair wash at least once every 1-2 weeks at which time I give my roots and scalp a good wash with Alberto Balsam tea tree shampoo as well as the Lush Seanik shampoo bar. On the wash days, I palm roll the damp hair to tightly wrap all the fuzzy hair after which I spray my locs and scalp with a homemade peppermint essential oil spray which is anti bacterial and scalp soothing. I suffer from Psoriasis and yet since installing my locs, my scalp has never been more healthy and flakes considerably less than it did before now that I am not washing my hair as often.

If you are interested in purchasing dreadlock spray, contact me and I can make to order xx

Last month, I had my first root maintenance appointment back with Emily – we went down to Brighton as a tribe – where she locked up the root regrowth and tightened up my existing locs. I also had a wrap installed (a pink one!) to match my newly coloured side shave. Imagine my elation when she told me that I was really looking after my dreadlocks well, it made me feel super proud of my crown that I work tirelessly to take care of.

Shellpants, Shevy and KrizVapes after dread maintenance


Loving my locs.

One of my favourite past times is finding new and exciting dread beads to install in my hair (silver as a rule) and my hair has become somewhat of a gift registry when it comes to adornments. My first 4 beads came all the way from South Africa from my close friends Shellpants and Krizvapes, my fellow dreaded friends (You can catch them over on their Youtube channel linked below) and I have some gorgeous viking style beads from my hubby as well as an awesome snake bead from Scales. I love having beautifully beaded, locked hair – I cannot fathom why I did not do it sooner?

Have any dreadlock questions? Feel free to comment below and I will answer as best I can! You can also find Brighton Dreadlocks on the links below :


Until next time

Shevy XX




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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Dreadlocks (Jaṭā)”

  1. This was so interesting to read Shevy! 💖 I never knew there was so much to learn about dreadlocks. I think they look awesome and really suit you. I especially love the pink too, your style is so creative and unique. Keep being you, you rock girl! 😘🌷 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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