MENSA: To join, or not to join: that is the question.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

  • I am heavily tattooed.
  • I am pierced, in fact I have been pierced 25 times.
  • I have dreadlocks.
  • I have pink, side shaved hair.
  • I am (f)unemployed.

I also have an IQ according to the Cattell III B scale of 149 which puts me into the top 2 percentile and has earned me an invitation to join Mensa, the High IQ society.

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RIP Ragnar 2016-2018

Home was not home without you in it.

Dear Ragnar…

Or booooooi, broeder, mow, rags or anything else you would answer to instead of your name ❤

I did not think that today would pan out the way it has. I did not expect a call, THE call that I received this morning and I most certainly didn’t expect that the last time I would give you a good rub down would be last night…

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Ignorance breeds hatred

I’ve always believed that I’m an extremely open minded person. I have controversial, inclusive opinions on gender and sexuality but I believe it comes down to acceptance. Acceptance and the ability not to be AN IGNORAMUS!

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Dear Meghan…

From ‘Queen’ to ‘Queen’ in the lead up to the wedding of the year.


Dearest Meghan Markle, future Duchess of ‘yet to be confirmed’ and soon to be wife of our scrumptious Prince Henry Charles Albert David (aka Prince Harry)

I salute you.

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Anxiety, depression and my body.

Add to the dish a spoonful of self-loathing, a cup of sadness, a dash of doubt and sprinkle a topping of self-disappointment and you’re sure to be left with a recipe for dark day disaster.

I can’t say that sitting in the Primark changing rooms, balling my big brown eyes out, was my finest moment. It was however, a recent moment and one that shook me from the place of comfort that I’ve recently become accustomed too, down a rabbit hole of self pity which I’ve tried my utmost to avoid.

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Spiritual Dreadlocks (Jaṭā)

Many cultures believe that the head is the release point for all energies and so, with my dreadlocks protecting me, the energy can be kept safe within me.

I have had every hairstyle of every hair colour at every age throughout my life, I have also been fortunate in that all of these different hairstyles have suited me along the way (or so I have been told). The spiritual progression of things led me down a path of loc enlightenment which saw me finally getting dreadlocks, a crown I have lusted after for an age. In January of this year, I began my #dreadtribe journey and I could not be happier with the outcome – both aesthetically and spiritually.

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