Dearest nephews…

I cannot wait to be a part of your lives as you grow into the strong, loving boys you’re destined to be.

My dearest nephews…

I longed to be an aunt for an age and yet my siblings were on their own life course. They made me wait and wait and at the time I had made a pivotal decision to move to another country in October 2014, I finally learned of your impending arrival…

RJ. I am truly sorry for missing your birth, for meeting you in only the second year of your life. I am sorry that the time I had with you over the weekend of your Aunt Lauren and Uncle (stinky) Greg’s wedding (Sep 2017) was not nearly enough. I am so thankful that we were able to bond on this trip (Apr 2018)! You melted my heart with every ‘Shevy’ you called and every kiss you gave. We bonded entirely in the 24 hours we spent together and I am so grateful that you remembered me enough to call for me the next morning after I had left. You remember me. You know who I am and most importantly, you do not hold it against me that I live in another country. Until we meet again, I will remember that you love ‘chocolate milk’ (hot chocolate) and tea at bedtime. I will remember that you have a vivid and enviable imagination, that anything can become a computer or a gun and we all seem to fall down instinctively every time you ‘shoot’ any of us. I will remember how loving you are with mommy, daddy and Tristan – what a good boy and brother you are. I can hear you saying ‘monsters’ and how you explain that Daddy is going to work to make money (insert thumb and forefinger rub here). You’ve left me with such a beautiful memory of who you are as an almost 3 year old, I cannot wait to see you again in the future.

TA. I am so grateful that I was able to spend time feeding, holding, burping and nurturing you at your small 4 week age. I enjoyed every second of the time that we spent together, every face you pulled and finger you squeezed. You were so comfortable in my arms and on my chest from the moment we met, it was as if you knew exactly who I was and how much I already loved you. Thank you for trusting me with your small little body, for trusting me enough to fall asleep in my arms and stay there comfortably without fear. I can’t wait to see you again though my memory of you will no doubt pale in comparison to the incredible little human you will become.

I am so proud of Mom and Dad, they’ve done incredibly well in gifting the world with two beautiful little boys. No doubt, you two will be a small handful as you get a little older but you have the strongest, most loving parents and family around you that I expect nothing but pride all around. I am honoured to be your Aunty Shevy and even from afar, I love you entirely! I cannot wait to be a part of your lives as you grow into the strong, loving boys you’re destined to be.

Thank you for making this trip incredible, for taking me into your lives with open arms and open hearts.

Thank you for stealing mine🖤


Aunty Shevy

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