WEARUFOREVER: The new face of online shopping (And discount code!)

In partnership with Moonsomnia, WEARUFOREVER is offering an exclusive 48 hour launch discount code which will give you 10% off your entire order! 

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post for WEARUFOREVER.COM which I have been compensated for. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”


There’s a new player in town and Moonsomnia got an exclusive preview of what is to come! If you love clothing and accessories with an edgy twist, online shopping and delivery to your door then WEARUFOREVER.COM is for you. WEARUFOREVER is a brand that is looking to put you in your own style of clothes, showcasing the real you and allowing yourself to dress this way for life.

STOP doubting. START pouting. STAY real.

I chatted a bit more to the mysteriously anonymous brains behind this flagship e-commerce clothing store launching 10 March 2018 and he was quick to point out that this store is the first of it’s kind, an online store for the people, by the people. The styles are edgy, the pieces are timeless and the looks classic HOWEVER they are not static. As this is a new venture for the entrepreneur, he is hoping to gauge the demands of the consumers day by day and is adamant he will be listening to his intended market. He plans to take on board their suggestions and change up the inventory as and when his shoppers desire.

Womens Backless Blouses Long Sleeve 

I found this concept to be one of genius and in a world of an ever changing online shopping market and a dog-eat-dog retailer environment, this could be the idea that cracks the code. Too often we are left waiting on new seasons of clothing and / or items based on the retailers calendar but WEARUFOREVER benefits from a smaller, less commercial and more tailored solution which allows for frequent change-ups and products to suit YOU, the buyer.

Retro Thick Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

The team behind the brand will be closely monitoring purchasing behaviour and fashion trends that will outline the items that sell better than others as well as listening to direct contact from the consumers on their various social media channels as to what items they would like to see on the store. Quality pieces from the United States or China will be shipped right to your door by purchasing through a secure, online, Shopify store.

Women Wide Leg Pants Summer – Plus Size

As the launch date is near, I was treated to a sneak peak of some of the items already ready for purchase and I can say confidently that there are some really epic looking pieces ready for sale; the prices are competitive and the collection niche! The site is due to go live with a small but classic collection however based on the business model, this is ever changing so I recommend a visit to the site as often as possible to see new and featured products.

What I love about this site and the products on offer is the diversity of the range and sizing. Clothing sizes range from small to plus size, styles from casual to underwear and some gorgeous jewellery and accessories to match. It really is an online store for everyone and I am confident that women everywhere would be able to find an item online that would suit their style.

Plus Size Brief Style Autumn Dress Women Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt 

In partnership with Moonsomnia, WEARUFOREVER is offering an exclusive 48 hour launch discount code which will give you 10% off your entire order! 


You can stay up to date with the latest releases, products and launch information by visiting any of the below social links or emailing the team directly :

Happy online shopping Mooners




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