My first experience with a SPIRITUAL MEDIUM.

I loved that the medium let me do very little talking, all she asked for was my confirmation of the evidence she received and provided from the spirit world.

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I’ve always believed in the esoteric, the supernatural and the extraordinary. I am extremely interested in many forms of divination including tarot and pendulums alike and an opportunity presented itself to attend the ‘Psychic fayre’ held in Reading on the 28th of January.

I have never been to a psychic fayre so I had little idea of what to expect though I knew that there would be an opportunity to have a tarot or angel card reading as well as some time spent with a medium. It was a small fayre held in the mansion house on the first floor consisting of a few exhibitors of gems, incense and jewellery (I’ve come home with a beautiful onyx bracelet) as well as the readers which, to my dismay were mostly already fully booked for the day.

Fortunately, I was able to get squeezed in with the medium immediately after arriving and I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I was led over to the unassuming table of Caroline Coe, a woman who is able to quell the most skeptical of skeptics!

As I sat down in front of the medium, she made me feel at ease and asked me my name (this is all she knew of me or asked me at any point other than to validate the evidence she was able to give me). She got to work quickly and she immediately mentioned an older lady that had crossed over that I remembered, I believed this to possibly be my great grandmother but very little more was mentioned of this spirit.

Caroline next made mention of an older gentleman that had passed, possibly a grandparent. My grandfather passed away a little over 6 years ago and I believed this spirit to be him so we discussed what was coming through from him a little further. She noted that she picks up the colour beige and sees him wearing a lot of beige coloured clothing and V neck jumpers, this was rather spot on as Grandad didn’t wear too much colour 😀 She described a close relationship with him and I and also mentioned a visual she was getting of his skinny legs, she asked me to validate this because she was seeing me sitting on his lap and he seemed to have pointed them out for her. She described him as a reserved, sensitive soul who liked organisation and order. He made it clear that he wanted to let me know that he approves of EVERYTHING that I do and all that I am, I couldn’t have asked for better validation than that.

my grandad smiling at the camera

I loved that the medium let me do very little talking, all she asked for was my confirmation of the evidence she received and provided from the spirit world. I offered little for her to work from and yet she managed to pinpoint various things that I could both validate and identify with, there were a few bits of information that I wasn’t sure how to place but perhaps my memory or my knowledge failed me.

Next to come forth beside me was a young man who had passed, a family member. Caroline started fanning the air and exclaimed that this person liked to smoke (and I quote) the ‘wacky backy’ because she kept getting shrouded in clouds of smoke. Immediately I knew that this person was my Uncle Brian who died when I was only 12 years old. This was particularly difficult for me to hear, I’ve always thought of and fondly remembered my uncle since his passing. I’ve always believed we were kindred spirits and so to hear about him coming through was incredibly emotional and touching. She mentioned his closeness to me when he was alive and how similar him and I were, he too was into his tattoos and piercings and originality. She said that my Uncle had been very depressed in the lead up to his death and shortly before, there was alcohol involved to give him the courage to do it. She confirmed what I always knew, she said that he said he was SORRY. This was all I needed to validate what she was saying as my Uncle had taken his own life 21 years prior – she was quick to confirm that he still smoked his ‘wacky backy’ and we had a good, comforting laugh about that! She also made mention of a photograph which he makes reference to, one of him which I have had in my home for a few years in remembrance.

After knowing that both my uncle and my grandad had come through for this reading, I asked Caroline a quick interrupting question. I asked her if my uncle and my grandad are together to which she replied they always have been, my uncle was ready and waiting when it was grandad’s turn to cross over.

Throughout the reading there were various tidbits of information that came up for further evidence and validation. Caroline asked me about my obsession with skulls and mentioned a collection (which I do own), she also mentioned my love for the colours black & red (despite not wearing any red) and went so far as to mention and discuss my spiritual journey. I was asked about my interest in Tarot cards and the spirit world, crystals and owning crystal balls. Caroline passed onto me that she saw me doing tarot readings in the future and that I have been given a gift, I am an extremely spiritual person though not – in her words – ‘airy fairy’ but rather grounded and practical. A lady by the name of Mary was mentioned though I’ve not been able to pinpoint who that is to me, hopefully my family will be able to shed some light. Caroline also briefly mentioned the country India and asked how that related to me – though I haven’t been to India myself, my father did live in Nepal as a boy which is where I see the correlation. At one point she said that my grandad saw me wearing a poofy lacy skirt which, to this day I own and have in my wardrobe. He also mentioned a butterfly tattoo and how I don’t like butterflies so I shouldn’t get one (I am safe, no new tattoos here) but as it is my best friends birthday and she has a gorgeous butterfly tattoo, this may have been the relation.

We talked about my job and how she saw me in a corporate office specifically which involved me arranging some sort of holiday and / or event, she battled a little to pick this one up but was able to confirm that whatever role I was doing I was taking out my piercings as she was able to see visuals of me changing them daily, I confirmed for her that I had been a travel consultant for over 17 years and I did in fact have to put retainers in all the time. Caroline saw me as having had people report to me and said that I was a very good leader, people like who I am and love working with me – great to hear, even from the other side!

Later we then discussed my relationship, she asked if I was in one and mentioned that my grandad does approve of my partner. She said that one of us in the relationship was very tidy and one of us was very messy (spot on, I am the tidy one) and that my partner is very reserved and introverted and I need to stop trying to pull him out of his shell, he’s quite happy where he is. She reminded me that he loves me very much (more than I can imagine) and it’s lovely to see that I am his soulmate.

Caroline then asked me to shuffle her cards and draw three, having a giggle she turned the cards over and interpreted them as describing me to a T. The cards looked at who I am as a person, relaying a strong and confident individual who is very open and spiritual. The cards looked at my belief in guides (animal, spiritual, angel or otherwise) and showed a close connection with my guides. At this point, Caroline asked me if I had any questions for the other side and wholly unprepared I asked about my career and current role / career move. She mentioned that whatever I had moved on to after leaving my travel career was merely a stepping stone for me, that what I was doing felt as if I was staring into a black hole but it was not what I was supposed to be doing. She then said that the next opportunity would present itself, it would be really good for me; very relaxed and wholly accepting of who I am as a person (Dr Martens?). The medium then mentioned that this too would be merely a 6 month long stepping stone in preparation of moving onto the next big thing which I will do wonderfully at. The final card was descriptive of my colourful personality, Caroline believing that I will become more accepting of colour over time though she quickly pointed out that there is nothing wrong with my love for the dark.

My grandfather came forward again at this point and showed her the walls in my home and some colour irritation which I found quite hilarious considering I have navy blue walls that drive me nuts! She also exclaimed that he wanted to know why I hated the TV so much, I remember that this morning the PS camera was off centre and drove my OCD a little nuts. Further evidence that the spirits of my grandad and my uncle are with me, always watching, always taking note.

Caroline pointed out that my Uncle was always beside me, that he wanted to pass on his love to all of the family and especially to his mum (my Nanny) and his sisters (my mum and aunt) and that he is thinking of them always. She also mentioned that my granddad wanted her to give me a big hug and we stood up and had a very warm and familiar embrace, one I won’t forget for a very long time.

Perhaps you may not believe in this sort of thing but my first medium experience has left me with the taste of more; I feel so incredibly exuberant over this unexpected positive and validating experience. In many respects, perhaps a more skeptical person would suggest that this evidence was merely Caroline’s powers of deduction at work. I challenge this, now and always, because I know and feel all she said to be true. My medium reading left me with a sense of emotional exertion but undeniable comfort and peace, it was as if my aptly described granddad and alternative uncle were in the room with me!

I will definitely be visiting a medium again in the future!



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