Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Makeup Men.

I don’t believe that enjoying makeup and wearing makeup is a bad thing, in fact, I encourage it.

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I believe that I have a makeup addiction.

There, I said it! I am not comfortable taking a selfie or photograph without makeup on so to present my poem and picture below to you is taking an intense amount of guts… I am showing you the before, the real, the unedited ME – The makeup free Shevy.

I don’t believe that enjoying makeup and wearing makeup is a bad thing, in fact, I encourage it. If makeup is the tool you use to make you feel better about yourself as I do, far be it from anyone to judge your choice of comfort. What I do believe however, is that it is extremely important to love yourself and how you look without the warpaint… something I am still working towards every day.

In honour of my revelation to all of you, I also wrote a somewhat lighthearted little poem and my take on the age old story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Makeup Men

What if Dr. Jekyll did not have a monster

Not an evil side in sight

What if Mr Hyde did not exist

Perhaps another explanation for the fright.

What if Dr. Jekyll loved makeup

Loved it almost as much as I

And Mr Hyde was merely Jekyll

Before his foundation was applied

What if Dr. Jekyll was one of the first

Male makeup connoisseurs

What if Mr Hyde hadn’t yet mastered

The art of the contour

What if Dr. Jekyll didn’t like to see

His concealer free appearance

And Mr Hyde’s au natural look

Was nothing but Jekyll’s hindrance

Perhaps Dr. Jekyll was accused

Of self confidence, having none

And so he used make up daily

To hide his true self from everyone

Then one day Dr. Jekyll

Hit his favourite palettes pan

And Mr Hyde made an appearance

Shock! Horror! A make up free man

Perhaps Mr Hyde should’ve looked in the mirror

And seen more than just makeups lack

Perhaps he would have seen deeper

And cut Dr. Jekyll some slack

What Jekyll and Hyde didn’t realise

Is that both extremes are perfectly fun

Loads of make up and loads of lipstick

Or perhaps nothing of either one

Before you hide your natural self

Before you show the world your works of art

Be comfortable with who you are

Before the makeup clouds your heart

Be like Jekyll any time you like

Be accepting of Hyde if you can

Remember that when the make up fades to dust

The facade will reveal the true man.

Portrait of Shevy with line down middle of face with left hand side made up with makeup and right side makeup free.
Shevy – My own Dr Jekyll and Mr(s) Hyde

Shevy xx

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