Winter Moisturiser Trifecta.

What most of us don’t realise is that all of the Winter comforts we look forward to are part of the reason we struggle with skin hydration…

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I absolutely love Winter. The prospect of staying indoors surrounded by the comfort of my central heating, being bundled up in the warmest layers, drinking hot chocolate or eating my weight in marshmallows is what gets me through the Summer heat. What I seem to forget year after year is the dehydrating effects that Winter brings to my skin and the dryness which I suffer until Spring peeks around the seasonal corner.

Not only do I suffer with dry, dehydrated skin but I also have Psoriasis which adds to the flakiness of my epidermis. What most of us don’t realise is that all of the Winter comforts we look forward to are part of the reason we struggle with skin hydration in the colder months. I love a piping hot bath when its cool outside but quickly forget that the hot water has dehydrating effects on my skin, along with the warm radiators and low humidity outdoors, winter doesn’t offer up much for my skins health.

I wanted to share a few skin hydration products with you that I have used and loved, these little gems get me through Autumn and Winter but are year-round friendly moisturisers.

All the mentioned moisturisers in one flatlay picture

The Body Shop – Shea Nourishing Body Butter

The Body Shop have absolutely wowed me with this body butter specifically designed for extremely dry, dehydrated skin. The 48 hour formula goes onto the skin smoothly, is non drip and non greasy and has a really pleasant nutty smell. I like to have a warm shower and then apply from head to toe and allow the skin to absorb the product before getting dressed. My skin is left feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated for hours and has a brilliant effect on Psoriasis plaques by limiting the flaking of skin.

This product retails for £15.00 for 200mls from The Body Shop and is worth every penny, I am not sure I could get through Winter without it!

The Body Shop Shea Butter flatlay picture aerial view

Lush – Dream Cream Hand And Body Lotion

I remember walking into my local Lush store and speaking to the sales assistant about the best products to use when suffering with dry, dehydrated skin and having Psoriasis. One of the first Lush products I ever bought was this Lush Dream Cream, enriched with oat milk; cocoa butter and lavender and rose oils. I am not the biggest fan of lavender (It reminds me of potpourri and I intensely dislike smelling like a dish of potpourri) but the scent is subtle and the advantages of this cream far outweigh the smell. This cream is a vegan friendly formula that is specifically designed to calm and soothe irritable skin – my skin is particularly sensitive and I end up reacting to most cream products, fortunately Lush’s dream cream has the opposite effect and manages to hydrate and calm the Winter woes.

You can get this dream cream for £13.95 for 240 grams directly from Lush and you will not be sorry. Don’t forget, lavender also aids a good nights sleep.

Lush Dream Cream flatlay with rose and lights

Clinique – Moisture Surge Intense

When I started playing around a little more with makeup and layering and using foundation / concealer / contour, I noticed that my skin was really feeling the brunt of the excessive product application. I went through a number of moisturisers for my face in an effort to curb the foundation cracking and to rehydrate my skin, unfortunately I really struggled to find a product that worked. Until Clinique. I had seen this skin fortifying hydrator in various blogs and magazines and despite its pretty steep price tag, I was desperate to find something that would get my skin working with me and not against me. I popped into my local Boots, bought the product and have never looked back, this moisturiser is an absolute must have for anyone struggling with dry, dehydrated skin on the face. It is not sticky, non greasy and is absorbed really quickly into the skin. Without fail, my skin feels firmer and more hydrated for up to 24 hours after use and if left for a good 5-10 minutes, makeup application is seamless and crack free.

You can grab your own moisture surge intense for £34.00 for 50ml from Boots or other stockists and while £34 for such a small jar of product seems ridiculous, I can assure you that it absolutely does work.

clinique flat lay with rose petals

I hope that some of you have been inspired to dash out for your own moisturiser magic – be sure to let me know if you have or if you can recommend another product for dry skin?



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I wanted to confirm that I have NOT been paid or compensated in any way for this review – This was paid for out of my own pocket and is an honest recommendation.

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9 thoughts on “Winter Moisturiser Trifecta.”

  1. I love most lush products I have tried and I liked the dream cream. My hands get so dry and it was so hydrating! So with you on that one. I love that it’s cruelty free as well. I have only tried a select few from the body shop, but definitely want to try more of their products this year! Thanks for sharing lovely xxx

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  2. Great post! Can I ask if Dream Cream has actually helped your psoriasis? My husband suffers with it and I’ve heard good things about it but not sure whether to get some for him or not! Also, I totally relate to everything you said here, every winter, almost like clockwork, my skin starts going crazy when the central heating comes on and the weather starts getting colder – nightmare! I’ll definitely check out the products you recommended!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Dream Cream doesn’t really get rid of the psoriasis plaques like medication would BUT frequent application reduces the redness, flakiness and scales so I would definitely recommend for psoriasis skin, it’s soft and gentle and not harsh at all 😁 Thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve used the shea body butter before and think it’s a fantastic product 💖. It smells sooo good as well! I really need to get into a good routine with moisturising but always forget he he 🙈. Thanks for the reviews Shevy! Love your photos too! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks for reading, you’re too kind 😘😁 I am the same, it’s easy to forget but it’s about putting them in places that you’re not allowed to forget! 😂 My moisture surge is next to my toothbrush!


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