Isn’t Jeffree a STAR.

Considering I already own its fantastical cousin, ‘Unicorn blood’, it was a necessity to have the blood of the mermaid as well.

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I don’t know about you but with all of the products that Jeffree Star has been putting out in 2017, I am so excited to see what JS has in store for us in 2018 and if the brand can think of any new colours to put out (By now, surely they have done them all?)

It is no secret that I am a Jeffree Star Cosmetics ADDICT! If there is one makeup product that I cannot resist, it’s a Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick. I was fortunate enough to have received a few new ones in December 2017, early Christmas pressies if you will.

Jeffree put out two ranges in particular towards the end of 2017, namely the Family Collection which included lipsticks named after his family members (Nate and the puppies) and the Holiday Glitter Collection. There were three lipsticks out of these two collections that I really wanted and I was lucky enough to receive them as gifts to add to my growing collection.

Jeffree Star Lipsticks arranged in a J

One fact remains true across all of the Jeffree Star lipsticks that I own: they are excellent quality, quick drying matte, long lasting and great smelling products. These lipsticks are perfect for the liquid lip noob or the makeup professional, they are easy to use and great to wear. I absolutely adore all of my lipsticks and no makeup day passes without me donning one of JS’s weird and wacky colours. The Jeffree Star brand prides itself on being 100% cruelty free and vegan; the lipsticks are paraben and gluten free.

Here are the new Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks I received and some non conformist swatching for your perusal:

Holiday Glitter Collection – Mermaid Blood

This beautiful, deep, dark teal was one of the first of the holiday collection to be announced and it had me at hello. Considering I already own its fantastical cousin, ‘Unicorn blood’, it was a necessity to have the blood of the mermaid as well.

Holiday Glitter Collection – Medusa

I have been lusting after a grey lipstick for ages and as I am not a fan of the Kat von D liquid lip, Woolf was out of the question. Finally JS came in with this gorgeous, blue toned grey which was a must have for my collection.

Star Family Collection – Wifey

Nate’s nickname for Jeffree is Wifey and all good little wifey’s should have a sexy brick red lipstick that makes them feel like a million bucks! This shade is exactly the right red to make you feel like a beauty killer queen. It’s also hella difficult to get out of a carpet.

So there you have it, the three newest additions to my ever growing Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks collection, please forgive my less than perfect ‘lip selfies’ but I will admit to having a little fun with the playful lip designs. Can we please take a moment to appreciate the ridiculously out-there packaging on the Holiday Glitter Collection and let’s not forget the outlandishly imaginative lipstick names?!

Jeffree star lipsticks arranged in display

The Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks retail for $18 on the JS website, alternatively from within the UK you can purchase them on the Beautylish site for $18 or at Beauty Bay for £16.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are best applied after lip preparation using the Velour Lip Scrub, be sure to grab a little pot at the same time as your lipstick purchase.

If you liked reading a little bit more about my Jeffree Star spoils, let me know in the comments below, I have a few more to show you if you are interested.



Wearing Jeffree Star Androgyny
Wearing Jeffree Star Androgyny

I wanted to confirm that I have NOT been paid or compensated in any way for this review – This was paid for out of my own pocket and is an honest recommendation.

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