HD Brows on fleek!

…it was time to correct myself before I wrecked myself.

HD Brows On Fleek Title Page

Years of tweezing and waxing have seen my eyebrows take on all of the geometric shapes they could muster, from the ‘comma’ to the ‘flatline’, they’ve done it all! In September, I decided to let my eyebrows grow out where they have been waxed and plucked in the hopes of a new shape presenting itself by years end. By November, it had become too much and there were only so many two-inch hairs I could pull out by hand, it was time to correct myself before I wrecked myself.

I have always lusted after beautifully arched and perfectly lined eyebrows; eyebrows that are matched to the facial shape without looking like they’ve been glued on. I am fortunate in that my eyebrows are still very thick and grow rather long (in the places that they grow) however they have always been relatively short on the ends and bushy as hell. A car accident in my early twenties left me with eyebrow scarring which I have learned to fill (thank you Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade) and dotted hairs line my unibrow. I would love to have my eyebrows microbladed to shape but now that I cannot tattoo (for the moment), it was time to do the next best thing…

H:Room business card and High Definition Brows patch test

High Definition Brows

I must be honest, I usually pop down to the high street salon (American Nails) and have my brows done for a fiver, this is just a tidy up of growth. This time, I did a bit of a Google and found H:Room in Reading that specialises in HD Brows and this concept that is relatively new to me but well known to others.

High Definition (HD) Brows is a bespoke concept, specialising in tailor making your eyebrows for you. This is about using various tools and techniques to give you the brows you so desperately desire by working with what you have and enhancing it. The process involves tinting, measuring, waxing, threading and some trimming to get your eyebrows squeaky fleek.

I called into H:Room to see what it was all about, they advised me that having not had HD Brows done before, I would need to get a patch test from them and make an appointment in salon. Naturally, I sent hubby down to the salon to pick up my patch test, book my appointment and put down the £15 deposit that the salon required (as a new client). The overall cost for the HD Brows treatment at H:Room is £35 and the £20 balance was due on the day of the appointment.

It is important to note that yes, I did find other salons that do HD Brows for a slightly cheaper price (Ranging from £15 to £35) in and around Reading but I liked the look of H:Room and their various services on offer so I chose to pay the £35 and I am very happy that I did!

HD Brows Process

As soon as I arrived at H:Room, I was made to feel very welcome. I chose a nice, quiet morning for a treatment as I don’t even recall seeing another person in there. Lauren, my stylist, came over to me and ushered me through to her brow station.

We had a brief chat about the patch test and how I had no reaction on my arm after application a few days earlier. She looked at my face and listened to my monologue on arches and length and my Psoriasis and so on and so forth and then she got stuck right in. The process took about 35-40 minutes in total, I actually forgot to time it but I know I walked out of there at 10:40 and we got started just before 10am.

First, the brow tint was lathered over my brows (I wish I had actually taken a picture) and left for some time. I have very dark eyebrows so I wasn’t expecting much from the tint but Lauren assured me that despite that fact, the tint will darken any lighter hairs hiding underneath so it can make a difference (note, this tint does not stay on the skin). Next, she measured up my brows in line with my face and came at me with the scissors and trimmed my eyebrow curtains. We then moved onto waxing – which I absolutely abhor – and I was well impressed with how quickly my eyebrows were waxed and tidied after which the threading above and around my brow was done.

At this point, I had a look at my newly shaped brows in the mirror and absolutely loved what I saw, the arches that I longed for were clearly visible without being filled in and falsified. Lauren then went in with the HD Brows Pro Pencil (I am buying myself this pencil!) to fill in any gaps and elongate the brows on the ends leaving me with full, long, arched, fleeky eyebrows! Afterwards, she applied some balm to sooth the skin after all the poking and prodding and I was ready to put my glasses back on and see the final product.

HD Brows Pro Pencil

Before and After using the HD Brows treatment
Before and After my HD Brow treatment

HD Brow Result

While I know that HD Brows are not a permanent solution to a growing problem (literally, a growing one), it was a great way to get a decent shape to my brows so I once again have a new and fresh canvas to work with. I would recommend contacting your nearest HD Brows stylist as soon as possible and having them done, after all, your eyebrows are the focal point of your face.

Before and After my HD Brow treatment

I will be back in 4-6 weeks (budget permitting) for a top up!

Have you had HD Brows done? What was your experience?



No make up selfie showing off brows

Special thanks to the H:Room in Reading for the great treatment.

I wanted to confirm that I have NOT been paid or compensated in any way for this review – This was paid for out of my own pocket and is an honest recommendation.

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8 thoughts on “HD Brows on fleek!”

  1. Love this! I so enjoy getting my brows done. They’ve been an absolute state for like a year and I just haven’t bothered. Now my fringe means I never see them much anyways but am tempted to get my HD on. This guy Jacob always has on fleek had brows and I’m always so envious. Yours look bloody beaut!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah man I’ve never done this before but I’d so do it again, even now they’re just so easy to work with since they’ve got shape and what not. Thanks so much xx Also, Shevy is short for Siobhan so as a namesake, you can stay 🤣🤣🤣😘

      Liked by 1 person

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