My PR Media Kit (A parody)

Moonsomnia Macbook Rose Gold, a notepad and a pen with a unicorn on it.

I have read a lot lately about monetising my blog, better understanding PR and working with brands in order to build a business with this baby of mine, Moonsomnia. Weeks of research have led me to the conclusion that a media kit is essential to approaching brands and businesses as I build this little empire. While I will, sometime in the near future, work on having a legitimate media kit created, I had a little giggle at a draft I put together just for fun. It highlights the struggles of a new blog with limited social media following / DA rating but showcases the appeal of a smaller, lesser known blog. 

I take my hat off to ALL blogs who actually have a decent media kit, rest assured I will call on you when the time comes to create an actual one. I hope you will find this just a little bit funny and by no means is a low blow at anyone in any way, these figures are all of my own as of now:

Moonsomnia’s Media Kit:

A draft.

Moonsomnia is the womb of the word-babies cultivated, nurtured and brought into the world by me, Shevy. Moonsomnia is recognisably fun, alternative, eccentric and vulnerable. It is the third wave of a series of blog sites that I’ve been involved in, finally finding my niche in September 2017 when this empire was born. I’m happy to approach any and all topics professionally with an inquisitive mind and original views, though I’ve had dabbled a little in beauty reviews, mental health topics and the alternative lifestyle.

My subscriber numbers as at 15 November are as follows :

WordPress – 118 followers

Facebook – 29 likes

Twitter – 485 followers

LinkedIn – 11 connections

I’m not going to lie, my following is crap but my retweet reach is impressive.

I’ll be blatantly honest with you, I may not look like much, my views in the last two months haven’t yet reached 2000 and my DA is as low as it can go (1), but you know what?

  • I’m hard working.
  • I’m talented.
  • I write with the fervour of a madman.
  • I never turn down a challenge.
  • My photography and videography skills get better by the day.
  • I am professional, just look at my logo / site? (I even have business cards, then it must be so!)
  • My make up skills aren’t half bad.
  • I have an eye for detail.
  • I am one of the most passionate bloggers you’ll ever meet.
  • I also have a MacBook in rose gold that makes a hella good blog prop. Just saying.

So if your business is looking for someone who is not your quintessential lifestyle or beauty blogger, whose sense of humour could put your brand on the map with sarcasm and wit, whose piercings and tattoos and interesting views won’t thwart your opinion, then Moonsomnia is your blog and I’m your gal.

I have a Portfolio page for the little work I have done and a contact page if you’d like to get in touch…

And maybe I’m not right for your brand but you’d like to be my friend? Send me an email anyway.


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Shevy Moonsomnia in a hat and sunglasses

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