Battle of the face masks – Part 4, bonus lip mask review & verdict.

In case you missed it, head on over to Battle of the face masks – Part 3  where I look at the second Lush Jelly mask and a 7th Heaven peel off mask.


Pure Clay Detox Mask


I may not have expressed it enough in the Battle of the Face Masks – Part 2 but I was actually very impressed with the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay multi-masking play kit and I really wanted to try out the clay masks one at a time, purely because I wanted to have a fully black face mask. I also have a little obsession with clay masks and how they dry out so this Detox mask was a winner for me and with up to 10 applications inside this 50ml jar, I will get many more uses out of it.

Like with the play kit, this is a thick and creamy product. I applied this to my face by hand but if you are not a fan of getting your fingers dirty, I would recommend using a brush (A foundation brush will do). It smooths out evenly on the face and need not be thick at all for desired results, be sure to cover your face in full for an all over cleansing experience.

After only 5-10 minutes, this mask is dry. Literally, from jar to face and the mask is already drying out which is great, it does exactly what it says it will do. In that time, the quality ingredients go to work on your skin, Kaolin -a natural clay- starts work on absorbing any impurities on the skin as well as any excess sebum; Montmorillonite -mineral rich clay- begins eliminating the imperfections and Ghassoul -pure clay- clarifies the complexion. Together with charcoal, the 3 clays draw out impurities, detox the skin and really get into your pores to focus on the nasties. This mask is particularly well suited for blackhead prone skin (ie. Me) – I get very noticeable blackheads in my large pores across my nose, it is a wonder to me how this mask (after drying) illuminates those pores and targets the impurities inside.


Don’t be fooled by the darker patches after drying, these are not wet spots that haven’t yet dried (Unless you have applied the mask too thick). Instead, this is as a result of the different oils on your skin reacting with the mask – the darker areas indicate your oilier areas, particularly in and around the T zone but anywhere on the face depending on your skin.

I absolutely love this mask. After use, my skin really felt clean and look cleaned too. My nose, despite looking horrifying beneath the dried out clay mask, was surprisingly clean once I had washed the mask off and any visible blackheads I had before I started were long gone. I was left with an allover firm, clarified feel and that is after just one use. The packaging recommends 2-3 times a week using this mask and after a week, the skin will be fresher and more luminous. As a clay mask, this one takes the cake. It is an unrivalled, excellent product and well worth its value, I would recommend going out to buy one immediately if you have the £8 to spare.

  • Price – £7.99
  • Where to buy – Boots / Superdrug (Various)
  • Mask duration – 5-10 minutes
  • Claims – Purer, clearer skin (after immediate use)
  • Mess – A medium messy, dries quickly.
  • Easy to use – Simple application but just in case, instructions on the packaging.
  • Smell – Smells really nice, you can smell the clay and charcoal
  • After use feel – Firm, clean and tight.
  • Number of uses –10 applications
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 9/10

7th Heaven

Dead Sea Sheet masque


I was hoping that like the 7th Heaven mask I reviewed in Part 3, this Dead Sea sheet mask would not disappoint, sadly I was mistaken. In fact, I would like to start off by saying that I don’t recommend this, which I wouldn’t normally do, here is why.

Coming out of the packaging, the tissue mask is folded which, when undone, is not as fluid filled as other tissue masks I have used, an early indication of an ineffective mask as there isn’t enough product in the tissue to work on the skin. When unfolded, it is quite clear to see that the face mask is huge and doesn’t have any slits allowing for overlap and a better fit. I had only had it on a few minutes but it fell off multiple times and my early annoyance was not going to see me getting scissors to cut it down.

The packaging shows a mask that fits to the face shape with blue waves across it, the mask that came in the package was a plain white sheet mask that does not fit at all. The packaging also makes mention of its calming and cleansing properties thanks to the chopped seaweed, dead sea salt and red algae. Sadly, I was left with unpleasant smelling skin and a tingling underneath my eyes and around my mouth that I was a bit concerned about… after a few minutes, I actually washed my face to make sure I had removed all of the product.

I firmly believe that there are much better tissue masks out there (Including one of my favourites mentioned in the Battle of the masks – Part 1) and a baby wet wipe would better do the job than this one. This is the harsh truth. Not recommended, not at all.

  • Price – £1.08
  • Where to buy – eBay / Boots / Superdrug
  • Mask duration – 5 minutes
  • Claims – Smooth, Hydrated Skin.
  • Mess – None.
  • Easy to use – Very easy to use, not easy to keep it on.
  • Smell – I am sorry to say but it smells like a toilet cleaner.
  • After use feel – Tingling, no visible change.
  • Number of uses –1 application
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 1/10


Pink Collagen Crystal Lip Mask Membrane


If you are a fan of keeping your mouth closed or looking silly, this one is for you. I may even use this on my children, as, you know, a treat. 20-30 minutes (Where possible) of silence and breathing solely through your nose in order to have moisturised, plumper looking lips is the name of the game.

I originally saw this on one of my favourite YouTubers Snapchat accounts when she received it and tested it out. Then, a few Instagram stories ago, Grace Davies (Of X-Factor fame) had also been relegated to the no talk zone. I was uber curious and ordered myself one off eBay at the bargain price of £0.99 with free shipping.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand a damn thing on the packaging but after a brief internet search, I discovered that this collagen and strawberry infused lip mask was designed to soothe the lips (You can smell the aloe vera from across the street) and moisturise, some reports even mentioned plumper lips thanks to its collagen base. Pil’aten’s own website claim that this mask is perfect for tired and cracked lips, the strawberry gel and collagen working together to restore moisture.

So did it work? Well, I managed to keep it on my lips for about 15 minutes after which I felt like it had started drying out and wouldn’t stick to my mouth and lips anymore. While I should have taken my piercings out for better application, I can honestly say that my labret ring was a little tighter on my bottom lip – Did I just give myself 99p lip fillers? My lips felt a little tingly but no more moisturised than they were before I started. A fun little mask and great for a pamper day in with your friends, don’t forget the cucumber.



I have spent a few weeks and a few £££’s trying out some of the most accessible face masks out there and I started with a favourite which is yet to be out done, the Garnier Tissue mask. As far as the other masks go, based on my views I think it is fair to say that the L’Oreal Clay Mask is a pretty close second with all other masks falling behind. I didn’t think it could get worse after the Lush Jelly Masks, obviously I am not a fan, then the 7th heaven dead sea sheet masque popped in and took bottom spot.

Ultimately, the age old saying rings true when it comes to face masks. You get what you pay for. Tried and tested beauty brands may get lambasted for the prices of some of their products and yet when you can buy them, they do exactly what they say they will do. Ultimately, it is all down to personal preference and what works for some, may not work for others.

That said, buy the lip mask. After all, you’ll have enviable Instagram photos.

Until next time

Shevy xx

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8 thoughts on “Battle of the face masks – Part 4, bonus lip mask review & verdict.”

  1. I am also a big fan of masks especially the clay masks. All the three versions that I have tried by L’Oréal are lovely. I use the sheet masks in between to hydrate my skin. 🙂 Lovely blog.

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  2. I’m just binge reading all your ‘Battle of the face masks’ posts and I love them. They’re so useful, I love face masks and always looking to try new ones/which ones are best, so you’re posts are so great and informing.
    I’m loving your blog and writing style💕

    Nat x –

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