Battle of the face masks – Part 3.

In case you missed it, you can click here for Part 2 where I look at the L’Oreal Multi mask play kit and the gold bio collagen sheet mask.

LUSH 1000 Millihelens

Jelly Face Mask


I was desperately hoping that this mask would be better than the one I tried in Part 1 (Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask) but alas, I was not to be proven wrong. If anything, this mask is worse than its predecessor and further strengthens my anti-Lush-Face-Mask resolve.

To reiterate, I love Lush. I really do, generally their products are unrivalled and they remain the masters of the bath bomb. That said, I don’t believe their face masks are doing their brand any favours after my experiences. The consistency is just weird, there is no other word for it. The mask is gelatine like in the tub but once rubbed between the fingers for application, forms a gluggy; lumpy; rough paste that doesn’t translate well onto the skin. This application was for more difficult than the last as the lumps that I just could not paste down would fall off my face despite me trying to rub them in. After 10 minutes of fighting with this non user friendly formula, I was left with my face looking like a halloween mask – I was just missing the hat.

The ingredients include witch hazel, green tea and apple juice though I was hard pressed to smell the apple in the product. The green tea was overpowering and not the most pleasant smelling of ingredients. The mask does not ‘dry out’ on the skin so after 5-10 minutes, you will be removing the same gloopy product you applied and left with green tea smelling skin with little to no change in appearance. My skin didn’t feel toned, bright or firm and instead it was extremely dry and tight – Not a recommendation for sensitive skin, or for my skin at least.

While I understand that Lush use only the best ingredients and this will influence the price point, despite multiple uses included in the packaging, I do believe this mask to be overpriced for what you are getting,  It is difficult to work with, not exciting to use and overall a bit of a let down. That said, these products have not completely gone to waste – My 11 year old daughter is now trying them out for herself. Failing that, we will find a way to channel them into slime production.


  • Price – £6.95
  • Where to buy – Lush UK
  • Mask duration – 5-10 minutes
  • Claims – Bright, toned, firmer skin
  • Mess – So very messy.
  • Easy to use – It wasn’t difficult but it isn’t a hassle-free product either, very messy, streaky on skin, clumpy.
  • Smell – Didn’t smell apple at all, just a strong green tea smell.
  • After use feel – Not much different to before use.
  • Number of uses – 4-5 comfortably, you don’t need to use a lot.
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 1/10

7th Heaven

Dead-Sea Peel-Off Mask


Oh how I absolutely love peel-off masks and what would a face mask battle be without good old faithful Montagne Jeunesse face mask? I have been buying and using these face masks for years, always affordable and very effective and their peel-off masks never disappoint. I love to be able to peel off the mask once it is dry, as if I am peeling off skin after a sunburn at the beach (This is not an endorsement for sunburn, or skin peeling) and the better the peel, the better the mask.

This peel-off mask is specifically for normal and oily skin so I will start by saying I probably should not have used it, dry skin and all, that said I was definitely not mad about the results. The packaging, however, is a little misleading as once the mask is applied it has a more see through appearance rather than a blue, opaque look. That is my only criticism of the packaging because a small disclaimer about their cruelty free product makes everything else seem insignificant, I love this : ‘We’re vegetarian and animals are our friends, that’s why we don’t bash bunnies or add bits of animals!”

The clear, blue tinged, gloop like liquid is squeezed out of the packaging and then applied to the face avoiding the eyes and mouth (And preferably eyebrows, I am still picking dried gel out of them). It can be a little messy if unprepared but barring the packaging that gets extra sticky, this isn’t the messiest mask I have used. It dries fairly quickly and if given the full 25 minutes, you are left with a sheet that peels off the face in one piece, taking the dirt with it. Careful though, it’ll take any piercings in the way as well – Do not get in and around your nose rings! 

The crushed sea salts, pressed chamomile and chopped up seaweed all work together to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. My skin was a little dry afterwards, probably because this mask is not designed for my skin type but that aside, I was relatively happy and felt that this little guy delivered. It is good value for money and definitely a mask I would buy again and again.


  • Price – £1.08
  • Where to buy – eBay / Boots / Superdrug
  • Mask duration – 20-25 minutes
  • Claims – Cleansing and nourishing, revitalisation.
  • Mess – Very sticky and the packaging gets messy but easy to deal with.
  • Easy to use – Very simple
  • Smell – Clean and refreshing, chamomile infused
  • After use feel – A little dry but definitely cleansed.
  • Number of uses – 1
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 7/10

Six face masks down, 2 more to go.

The Battle of the face masks is ongoing! To be continued in Part 4.

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