Battle of the face masks – Part 2.

In case you missed it, you can click here for Part 1 where I look at the Garnier tissue mask and the Lush Jelly Face Mask, Bunny Moon. 




What is it about a tried and trusted name brand that gives us the confidence to know that the product is going to work, no matter what? I was feeling a little ‘un pampered’ this morning and decided that my face needed a good cleanse and rejuvenation to make me feel better, picking up this Pure Clay mini mask play kit was a no brainer, I have been ogling it all week and was very excited about using it this morning.

Multi masking is a very new concept to me. It is mostly common knowledge that the skin on the face and the T zone have different skincare needs so combining different clays and masks over the face in targeted areas should give an overall desirable result. L’Oreal have tapped into this targeted treatment with this range of clay masks (also available in larger size containers individually) that can be purchased and tested together without forking out for the more expensive alternatives.

Purity (Green) – A clay and Eucalyptus based purifying mask

Detox (Black) – A clay and charcoal based detoxing mask

Glow (Red) – A clay and red algae based brightening mask

The back of the packaging gives you various multi-masking suggestions and I opted for the de stress configuration. I applied the red mask on my forehead first, this mask has a pleasant perfumed smell and lovely grainy texture, I found this took a little longer to dry than the other two but this could also have been my heavy handed application. On my nose and chin I applied the green mask, a very smooth and creamy texture with easy application and quick drying – I was amazed at how large my pores around my nose looked when this dried out. Finally on my cheeks I applied the black, detoxing mask which went on easily and also dried out speedily. After 10 minutes, the clays are almost completely dry and the face feels tight and treated. The clay masks were easy to wash off and surprisingly less messy than expected. A little goes a very long way with these masks, the thinner the application the quicker the dry out.

Clay masks have a tendency to dry out the skin after use and I can confidently say that even with my historically dry and sensitive skin, these masks left me feeling cleansed and refreshed and yet still hydrated. 2-3 times a week and my face will be thanking me for it. This is a definite recommendation with only a few drawbacks to mention, the small 10ml pots have quite a lot of product in them for the amount you need, only the containers are not resealable so the chances of these masks drying out before I use it again is imaginably high (To be confirmed). I have also always wondered why hair removal cream came with an applicator but clay masks do not, hopefully L’Oreal will jump on that one and a little applicator could be included in the neat little packaging.

An important side note, I am happy to report that Face ID on the iPhone X still worked with a face full of clay mask!

  • Price – £7.49
  • Where to buy – Boots / Superdrug (Various)
  • Mask duration – 5-10 minutes
  • Claims – Green (Purity) – Purifying, Black (Detox) – Draw out impurities, Red (Glow) – Brightening
  • Mess – Should have been messier, surprisingly clean and hassle free.
  • Easy to use – So easy, felt like a paint by numbers
  • Smell – Clean, pleasant, the red mask has a very nice smell.
  • After use feel – Clean, tight, refreshed
  • Number of uses – 1, possibly more if the product doesn’t dry out.
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 7/10

24K Gold Bio Collagen Face Mask


I would just like to pop in the disclaimer that I cannot be hold responsible for Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ getting stuck in your head after reading this, I have been singing it on repeat for hours! Speaking of gold, I was somewhat intrigued by this mask that I found on eBay which claims be a Gold Bio-collagen facial mask so I had to buy it and give it a whirl, for science of course!

The terribly translated packaging claims that this mask is formulated with ‘pure gold, natural bio ingredients, hydrating compound…’ and I am yet to confirm if gold is an adjective or a noun. Unfortunately the natural ingredients mentioned are not listed on the product so I have little to no idea what I am putting on my face, that said, the item specifics on the eBay listing mention Contains Minerals, Ammonia-Free, Alcohol-Free and that it is suitable for all skin types. Upon further investigation, there is a caution on the packaging that this should not be used on hyper-sensitive skin. I read this after I had used it.

Fear not! My face is fine.

The mask itself has a gel like texture, like one of those sticky hands that you throw up against a wall and it sticks but not before collecting as much pet hair and dirt as possible along the way. It is quite thin and very wet, soaked in the excess bio-collagen gel which is recommended to be added over the mask once it is on the face. The mask itself is extremely ill fitting, when I managed to get it to stick on my forehead, I lost all contact around my nose and it started breaking as I tried to smooth it into a more covering position. The instructions recommend 20-30 minutes on the face but I didn’t even manage 15, as the gel is absorbed into the skin the mask begins to dry out and lift from the face. When I stood up, the mask fell off. Test phase forcibly completed.

After use, my skin definitely feels hydrated and smooth showing off it’s plumper, fuller look. The gel itself isn’t sticky on the skin and the mask leaves behind a refreshed feel that sadly is not long lasting. While I didn’t absolutely abhor this mask, I don’t think I will be using it again. There are better sheet masks out there at a lower price with more desirable results.

  • Price – £2.49
  • Where to buy – eBay
  • Mask duration – 20-30 minutes
  • Claims – Younger, glowing look, rehydrate and improve elasticity
  • Mess – Not messy at all.
  • Easy to use – Very simple
  • Smell – Doesn’t really have a smell.
  • After use feel – Hydrated, plumper and fuller
  • Number of uses – 1
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 5/10

Four face masks down, 4 more to go.

The Battle of the face masks is ongoing! To be continued over in Part 3.

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