Little bird.


There is a little bird, a little voice inside of me

He lives inside my psyche, telling me who I cannot be

Ever the naysayer; the first to spoil any fun

A lifelong companion; a completely invisible one

‘You look completely fine’ they say, not knowing what they do

They give that little birdie power, because he knows that it is true

He pollutes my thoughts and ideas, stealing all that is mine

That lifelong companion, wreaking havoc inside when I look fine


Some days I feel the strength, to keep that bird in his rusty cage

Some days I have no power so he makes me older than my age

A constant battle of wills, some days he tends to win

This lifelong companion, strutting around with his victorious grin


This little bird has learned to live, inside my chaotic head

Because a weaker bird you see, would have long ago fled

But also this little bird he knows, a stronger host he will not find

A lifelong companion, my creativity he does bind


He likes to tell me frequently, I am just not good enough

I fight back most of the time, when I am feeling brave and tough

But there are some of the days, I am just not strong you see

That lifelong companion, he likes to make an example of me


He likes to remind me not to get too tough or brave

He isn’t going anywhere soon, he prefers to maim and deprave

I have to learn to live with him, to fight back within reason

This lifelong companion – choosing lifetime over reason or season


I used to hate this little bird, sometimes I still do

The safest thing for me to do, is introduce him to you

Because then he loses some of his power, he loses his authority

A lifelong companion who does not define but is a part of me



Stock image – Pexels

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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