Battle of the face masks – Part 1.

I am not the most beauty or skincare savvy person and yet I always seem to have a mask or two at arms reach…

Like many others out there, I have this unexplained obsession with face masks. Even the most useless of products can make me feel pampered after its 15-20 minutes on my face on a low day. I am not the most beauty or skincare savvy person and yet I always seem to have a mask or two at arms reach so I decided to share some of these masks with you. They are not all high end, luxury products but rather accessible products for the everyday ‘beauty product challenged’ individual (Me!).

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Super-Hydrating Revitalising Mask


This mask has always been a firm favourite of mine so it was no surprise that I decided on this mask to be the first of my daily masks to try for the purposes of this little exercise. I went through a dedicated weekly use phase a few months ago until one day, I walked into my local Tesco and just couldn’t find it again. For some reason, local stockists didn’t stock this mask for a while and I was absolutely distraught. Imagine my excitement when I walked into Tesco over the weekend and not only did I find this mask but I also found the Green Tea and Chamomile versions as well (which I subsequently purchased and stashed on my face mask windowsill).

My biggest skincare gripe is my dry, dehydrated skin (no matter what products or moisturisers I use) but with this tissue mask, I am assured a fully rehydrated face after use. As a Psoriasis sufferer, I have unusually sensitive skin but this tissue mask is perfect for my problematic dermis. This mask is definitely beautifying over relaxing, I don’t feel the need to add cucumber slices over my eyes nor do I get the feel of laying at a health spa, relaxing in wait for my next treatment. This is a business mask, it gets down to business, does what it promises to do in good time and has excellent long lasting results.

It is extremely easy to use and stays on the face once applied and smoothed out correctly, it is a mask I like to use in the bath as I can actually carry on bathing and doing my thing while it’s doing its thing as well. Fortunately, it sits relatively comfortably around my facial piercings, making this my go to NO MESS – NO FUSS beauty must have. Once the mask comes off, you’re left with a beautiful serum which you can gently massage into your skin, it smells natural and fresh and your skin gives off a hydrated sheen unrivalled by any other product. You may find the serum to be a little sticky on your face at first, this does dissipate as the product is absorbed into the skin. (Garnier also make the Moisture Bomb Day Cream or Night Cream that can be purchased separately, the night cream does give you the same serum infused feeling after use and retails for approximately £8). Currently my favourite sheet mask which I will purchase again and again.

  • Price – £2 (I bought it on special, £1 less than usual)
  • Where to buy – Tesco or Boots
  • Mask duration – 15 mins
  • Claims – Intensely rehydrates skin, reduces the look of fine lines, revives radiance.
  • Mess  Almost mess free
  • Easy to use – Very easy to use, remove from packaging, apply to face, remove blue film and leave to do its magic.
  • Smell – Fresh
  • After use feel – Smooth, hydrated, supple skin.
  • Number of uses – 1
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 8/10

LUSH Bunny Moon

Jelly Face Mask


It is a common, well known fact that I am a huge Lush fan. They are the masters of the bath bomb and many other products that I have tried, tested and loved. For some reason, the look and feel of the Jelly Face mask was intimidating and until this day, I had never bought or tried it. Suffice to say, the review of this mask will not be getting me on the PR list anytime soon. 10 minutes on the timer couldn’t have ended sooner for me.

The initial draw card of this mask was its shimmery sheen on the outer skin-like surface, I was intrigued by the idea of a jelly that went onto the skin and the honey and chamomile properties that it consisted of. I was sadly mistaken when, after application, I realised that the shimmery sheen is for the tub only and doesn’t translate onto the face. In terms of application, you need not use a lot but the pasting of the mixture between your dry fingers is a messy process and application to the face can be quite frustrating. I spread it all over the skin and worked the pasty product as best I could for maximum coverage but pulling the paste in one area left a gap in another, I was practically plastering my face to fill the holes and ended up with big gloopy lumps everywhere..

Lush products are well known for their strong smelling products, I love it! My bathroom smells like a Lush kitchen, much to my husband’s chagrin. That said, this mask has a rather subtle smell when in the tub, a faint hint of honey and marigold. Once on the face, the vanilla tones are extremely overpowering (I don’t like Vanilla on the best of days) with the honey and chamomile overshadowed. I got very little out of the rose oil that is supposedly in the mask (Couldn’t smell that at all) and ultimately didn’t care for the very strong scent on my face for a full 10 minutes.

Despite all of the above, I was hopeful that the end result would be true to the claims of soft, strokable skin. Alas, this was not the case. Once I managed to get the gloopy product off of my face, off of my basin taps and out from between my fingers, my skin didn’t look or feel any different than before I started. I didn’t feel relaxed, refreshed or revitalised and didn’t at all feel like I had a face mask on only a few minutes earlier.

Honestly, I would not be buying this product again (I do have a second one to try / review, hopefully that fares better). I love Lush but this mask is a rather frustrating fail in my opinion. Or maybe jelly masks just aren’t for me? Who knows.

  • Price – £6.95
  • Where to buy – Lush UK
  • Mask duration – 5-10 minutes
  • Claims – Soft and strokable skin.
  • Mess – So very messy.
  • Easy to use – It wasn’t difficult but it isn’t a hassle-free product either, very messy, streaky on skin, clumpy.
  • Smell – Overpowering vanilla smell.
  • After use feel – Not much different to before use.
  • Number of uses – 4-5 comfortably, you don’t need to use a lot.
  • Shevy score out of 10 – 2/10

Two face masks down, 6 more to go.

The Battle of the face masks is ON! To be continued… in Part 2!

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