All the holes.

Each little piece of metal in my body is another reflection of who I am.


The number of piercings I currently have in / on my body.


The number I would have had by now if this stupid blood clot hadn’t been the reason I am on anti coagulation treatment and can’t have any more piercings (indefinitely).


How I feel when I have been told I cannot do something that I have been planning to do for about 6 months.


How I feel now as I write this, knowing that this blood clot has done more than keep me in bed for a few weeks.

I wasn’t even 6 months old when my parents had my ear lobes pierced for the first time, apparently my infant self took a liking to this pain and as soon as I was able to, I added a few more holes to my ears throughout my years in high school. I was not allowed to pierce anything but my ears until I was 18 and here I am now, 15 years later, having more than made up for the holes I was not allowed to get. I was in my 20’s when I made the move from interest to enthusiast and have not looked back at a piercing gun since (In fact, I now avoid them like the plague).

It would be impossible for me to remember the order in which I got my piercings, especially since some of the piercings I have had done in the past are no longer open so cannot be included in my list. What I can try my best to explain is the strange feeling I get toward each individual piercing, how I consider each one to be a part of who I am and how sad I feel if I am forced to take one out or let a hole close.

Recently I was in hospital and had to have a CT scan on my abdomen to locate the blood clots in my body. While metal does not react with a CT scan as it does in an MRI, I was still asked to take out my piercings that would be visible so as not to altar or affect the results of the scan in any way. I was happy to oblige as I had already pre-empted this situation and had my retainers in my handbag, what I did not account for was the limited time I would be afforded in A&E and the chance I did not have to swop out the metal for the plastic. Piercings came out, retainers didn’t go in, 24 hours later and I was using 1.6mm tapers and BPA oil to force my nipple bars back in. Sucker for punishment? Perhaps. These are my babies, I could not let 2 of the family go; no one gets left behind.



For a good few months I have been toying with the idea of piercing my cheeks, to add to my already impressive collection and to work with the dimple I already have. Only a few weeks before my hospital admission, I had decided that this was something I was going to do and so my husband agreed to pay for me to have my cheek piercings done for my birthday (BEST PRESENT EVER!). I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the weekend that just passed, not because I was celebrating another year on earth but because I could finally get my cheeks pierced, piercings I have lusted after for an age. But alas, cheek piercings were not meant to be and instead I have spent the last month on anti coagulation treatment and in and out of hospital thanks to the DVT and other complications I experienced. Unfortunately, anti coagulation treatment is basically a blood thinner and so any form of bleeding is a risk – This includes and is not limited to most (if not all) body modification including two of my favourite past times, piercings and tattoos.


This is a bit of a rant and I am feeling a little sorry for myself. All I wanted were those cheek piercings but my body decided otherwise. As much as I am upset about not being able to pierce my cheeks, I feel that the frustration is deeper rooted. Now that I have been told I cannot do something, I want to do it more than ever.

Each and every piercing I have had has been about making myself feel better. When I get a new piercing, I feel good about myself, I feel like I can take on the world. Each little piece of metal in my body is another reflection of who I am – These piercings are ME and without them I feel naked and insignificant. That does sound a little sad but it isn’t meant to. I put a lot of thought into each new modification I get and so much hard work goes into healing up and making sure the piercing is looked after in the right way, especially with my sensitive skin and bad healing history, each new hole is a battle for me to overcome and afterwards, I am left with the reward of an adornment to temple; A token of dedication; A new addition to my little metal family.

So 23 is the number of piercings I have today. No more. No less.


Here is a list of them in case you were curious:




Nipples X 2

Dermal anchor (Chest)



Cyber bites (Medusa and Labret)

Septum (Stretched to 3mm)

Nostrils X 2 (L & R)



Left ear:

Industrial (I count this has 2 piercings, 2 holes)


Upper lobe X 2

Standard lobe – Stretched to 5mm


Right ear:

Helix X 2


Upper lobe X 2

Standard lobe – Stretched to 5mm


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