Your sleep.

Golden sheen upon your skin…
Moon shine between the curtains
Catch your eye lashes
Short gasps escape
Beneath the sheets
Inter twined fingers unlock…
Comatose contortion
He who once faced away
Now beats and breathes
In my direction
Beneath your eyelids
Cornea’s prance and dance
Your body ever still
Lips in song
Mouth unmoving
Dimpled corners curl
Forming soothing smiles
Comforting as you dream
Silent and calm
Emotions play across your face
Nose and eyes awash
With the mischief of slumber
In the thick of the dark
This quiet numbs me
Entranced by the security
Of your sleep in my wake
Gentle and soft
Whilst my own sleep eludes me
I lay
I watch
I drift…

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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