To look in the mirror, and not know your own worth
Is a fate that is lonely, no fate could be worse.
The brave face you wear daily, grows tiresome and weak
This face that is practiced, rehearsed and meek
Yet the strength you carry, stays strong and true
This army of a woman, this rock that is you
Without you I crawl, you guide me to walk
And whenever I need watching, you become my hawk
In times requiring counsel, wise words it is you share
And yet when there is silence, the assurance is that you are there
Perhaps not always in physics, sometimes not near but far
I am confident in you, this amazing woman that you are
Know that you are loved, without you I would not be
And having you around makes me a better me
Never lose this sense of worth, this fate that tears one down
You are too beautiful to be seen and caught with but a frown
Keep true to who you are, this spirit of calm it is you guide
From yourself you must not run, and from me must never hide
The world would be a miserable place, a void you would leave
Without your words of wisdom, your happiness that you weave
The rosy cheeks that smile, the blue eyes that shine
I am so proud too know, you are my friend, all mine
Though it gives me great upset, to know I have to share
Someone else will reap the benefits, knowing you are there.
And in the end they borrow you, never long may they keep
This friend of mine I love so dear, for my tears shall weep
Do not leave me diamond, do not leave me true
The only friend I know so well, that awesome gem is YOU!

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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