Within yourself.

In the mirror, you look upon this foreign face
A face too foreign to greet back in reflection
You gawk and you wonder at whom it is you stare
When you move, the apparent likeness moves with you

Upon remembrance, you were told not to lose yourself
And in this duplication’s eyes you see yourself
Far beneath its shadow you have lost yourself
You turn to run, to chase, to free yourself

Palm to glass you touch this image
As all around you do, you wish to push through you
Yet at the speculum tis your hand that stops
Desperation apparent on your counterparts expression

You told yourself not to lose yourself
This obvious representation is yourself
You promised you would be yourself
Entrapped, still trying to leave yourself

Now you see you did as others wanted
You gave the world what they wanted to see
Yet you look in that god forsaken mirror
And realise what is looking back at you
It is not you
It is me

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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