The Understanding.

For someone who says volumes
The words dont want to come.
Its as if everything I want to say
Swims circles around my lips
and my thoughts run rampant
Through the empty space in my psyche
How I wish you could read my mind
Pinpoint each and every cogitation
You would become aware of everything
I am unable to verbalise.
Not for lack of trying
As with every motion stirring my subconscious,
I undertake mouthing these words to you.
Yet you cannot lip read…
You do not see me.
And so the words dont make sense.
They remain mere mutter
Under my breath and lingering on my tongue.
I want to show you.
My actions will depict far more than my words.
But you are infinities away.
I reach to you
My arms outstretched and my heart wide open
Yet this pain far surpasses my loss for words.
And so in the end I write to you
For the world to see and hear.
Yet none of them could comprehend…
The masses believe they know
Only that which they see to be true.
In the end they know nothing at all.
I will continue to fight for you to understand
As your conception is the only one that counts.
Your deliberation the only that matters.
Hear me. See me. Feel me.

I’ve grown stronger than you thought I could be.
Am fearful as you knew I would be.
Ever greatful as I have been.
And awash with emotion as I always will be

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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