My tears hold my pen with which I write
And my sadness motivates my fingers with which I type…
You were everything I ever wanted and all I would ever need
All I am and have was meant only for you
Everything of myself was mine to give and yours to receive
My heart, with which to love you…
My eyes, with which to see you…
My lips, with which to kiss you…
My hands, with which to caress you…
My ears, with which to listen to you…
My body, with which to need you…
My life, with which to give you…
If ever there was true love’s eternity etched in stone
The coldness of my heart melted to reveal it
A fire fuelled me from within
With a passion to be yours and yours alone
My writing now means nothing
And my words are barely cool
Before the pain and glass is shot through my heart
To leave me bleeding and wounded
I may not feel that pain as you do
But emotionally I am ripped at the seams
You hid so much and spared me so little
Yet you loved me like I longed to be loved
Anything you asked, you had
Anything you wished for, I granted
And now I sit here alone
Broken and scathed
Out you cut me like a growth
Quickly you remove me like a cancer
And jaggedly you strip me
To nothing
With the means with which we started
And now it seems the way in which we end
Words that hurt
Words that cut
Words that burn
A love based on words that no longer seem to matter
And can never be forgotten
I choke back my tears
Longing to be the strong woman you want me to be
As you hope to rid me from you
like I would a burden from my shoulders
Numbness in the realisation that thats what you thought
Take me as I am and that is all I have to offer
I gave you the one promise I never wanted to break
And now… that promise holds no worth
In silence you suffered without realising pushed me away
How I fought and reached and grabbed and flailed
Holding onto emptiness that envelopes you
Swallowing me whole
So in the end…
I am left
with nothing…
In pain I sit eternal

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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