Something to wonder
Long before your last breath
Or thoughts to ponder
Hours before death

Had I pressed my lips
Softly against the rain
Had I lain in wet grass
White silk to stain

Beside you was I
In your hour of need
A calling of friendship
Was it I who did heed?

Had I watched sunsets
Across the sky
Had I any regrets
For the sun in my eye

Had I sang to you
Smiled as you slept
Had I danced in time
To the music we kept

Had I waved to them
On the streets they lay
Had I any strength
With only one to stay

Had I painted the moon
The stars in the night
Had I given up to soon
Did I start the fight?

Had I giggled at jokes
Told by a stranger
Too much did I smoke
My body endangered

Did I kiss with heart
Did I love with fire
Had I shown you yourself
Through my eyes of desire?

Had I taught the young
Many to inspire
Had I guided and given
All that they require

Had I been all I could be
In light of what I had
Had I been a nuisance
Depressed, lonely and sad?

Had I read enough
Did I talk too much
Had I been afraid of a hug
Or an addict to touch?

Had I told you that day
How much I did care
For now its too late
Tis your turn to prepare


Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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