My nails long to grip deep tearing the flesh from my eyes
Forcing the scarlet tears to fall across my sadness
Perhaps this would be the pain to endure
In replacement for an ache which is not my own
A longing to place my hand upon your chest
To close my eyes in absorbtion
Allowing you for a brief moment serenity
Whilst the awareness of release ensues
Though it is pure fear withholding my need
Disallowing my acceptance of a gift
That which I have so often ignored
In pursuit of control I thrust my hands to the sky
Historically not expecting a glorious response
Realisation of embodiment follows everlasting
Questionable motives in unexplained experience
Yet my selflessness remains unrecognised
How painful is anguish, when pain requited
Though I claim not to take it all
Nor do I envision severity, where I know my bounds
And still my hand trembles across my own bosom
Fearful of darkness leading death and sacrifice
A wise souls words still lingering on my yearning lips
So I wait patiently while sporadic steps reveal themselves
Disconnected ideals buried with a past forgotten
It is here I know my journey starts
but yet knows no end
And by your side I know I am great
Take my hand and for a mere mortal moment
Show me who I am

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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