I am on my knees.
My body taken,
I am subdued. Submissive.
You take what is yours.
That which I have allowed
to be yours.

You teach me with your hand.
Again. And Again.
The lesson you believe I should
be taught.
I dont fight. I cant.
You are overpowering.

Into me you come
as you force my head deeper
into your chest.
I cant breathe.
For a second,
I dont want to.

The air escapes from
the slit that is my mouth
My body convulses
shaking the putridity
from itself.
Then it is all over.

It should be wrong.
I should be scared.
Though in my heart
I know to hurt me is not
your intention.
Only what you know best.

So I tell you.
Allowing you to relive.
To experience
To understand.
What desperation
has had me keep from you.

It is not over.
Not by far.
I am here… willing and able.
I speak. I listen.
I feel your pain
I cry.

Emotion felt like none
for no other.
Every beat of my heart
encompassing what I
feel for you both.
Yet you try so hard.

Dont feel the guilt.
Nor the pain of actions
unbeknownst to you.
Understand that…yes
I too am beginning to

Spending too long
finding solace in the
saviour of others.
I am not here to be saved.
Perhaps to save

Let me…

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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