When wayward winds are against you
When failures and fears weigh you down
When perils and prosecutors litter your path
When backbiters and bandits talk against you
When tests and torrents sweep you from your feet
When scorn and scrutiny threaten your achievement
When insolence and ignorance play part in your truth

For your strength is from within
And your willpower is from down deep
And when you falter, there I stand
When your sadness overpowers,
Tears are your solace
And in time, you will face demons
Naught which you cannot handle
In space between, dark days will settle
Amongst angst and anguish
Yet still you remain
Forget not you are you
Remember your worth
And you have endured worse
When light of day fades
Yourself you will be
No change required or necessary
But for yourself to see

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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