(Spoken word)


Who am I?



In public

Effort is made

The eyebrows arched

… to perfection

Skin glowing

Tattoos showing

I judge

I condemn for lack of effort

Where no effort has been made



comes to mind

No make up

Eyebrows amiss

Lips unstained

Zero effort



Social media

Truth bending

is the name

of the game

Status updates

Wishes and desires

Laced with jealousy



The story that

You choose to see


Text me?

Don’t bother. I won’t reply.

Our online


are merely a lie

a cover to show the world

I am not dead

I exist

We are not friends

I am alone


In company

I will laugh


At the expense

of the effortless

bastards honest

and possessive

of their own truth

I am queen

tattooed, stylish

eyebrows on fleek

I drink

I keep company

with the men

they don’t

want me

their women

want to be me

But in the mirror

I see me

Home alone

No longer the



self abused

a facade

I live

Inside no-one sees

I am actually

a good person you see


But I have learned to live

Online and outside

Behind eyebrows and tattoos

My weakness I hide

You keep me around

Your oddish desires you appease

You aren’t my friend

By your social circle I appease

And when I home, alone

There are no texts or calls on the phone

No one cares if I am alone or at home

I am my bubble, my bubble is me

You have your bubble,


Come and see.

Author: Moonsomnia

Blogger, reviewer, influencer | PR friendly | New blogs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am |

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